The Internal Audit Directorate is an independent, assurance and consulting Directorate under the Vice-Chancellor. It seeks to enhance and protect corporate value through the provision of risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight. The Director of Internal Audit is responsible for exercising professional and administrative supervision over staff under the Internal Audit Directorate to ensure that the internal control systems of the University are efficient and effective.

The Directorate of Internal Audit is responsible for the management of the internal audit activities of the University in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act 2016 (Act 921), the Internal Audit Agency Act 2003 (Act 658) and relevant standards. The Directorate in accordance with the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658) and in conformity with standards and procedures provided by the Agency, sets up under the Act, carry out periodic internal audit of the University and submits reports thereof to the Audit Committee through the Vice Chancellor of the University.

The Directorate of Internal Audit performs the following main duties and responsibilities in accordance with applicable laws of the university:

(a) review and appraise, where necessary, the adequacy, soundness and applications of accounting, financial and operational controls in the University;

(b) ensure the establishment and operation of an efficient and effective internal financial control system;

(c) evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management and governance process of the University and contribute to the improvement of that risk management and governance process and

(d) provide assurance on the efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the administration of the programs and operations of the University.

The Directorate is also required to carry out special reviews of accounting and internal control systems with the view to stamping out weaknesses. The Directorate, in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor and in accordance with guidelines issued by the Internal Audit Agency, prepare an annual audit work plan of the activities required to be performed in a financial year which is determined by the risk assessment including the fiscal risk of the University.

The Directorate of Internal Audit in the performance of their functions, have access to information and property required to be audited and be provided with any relevant explanation required.

The Directorate is currently headed, by Mr. Kennedy Oppong Fosu, a professional accountant with over ten years post-qualification experience, assisted by eight (8) seasoned personnel of the Directorate.